Locations without 'Average Wind Speed' data are not listed. Standardized extreme wind speed database for the United States) 1. You can click on the map below to determine the basic wind speed for that location. High winds can blow objects around and pose a significant threat to your safety.

Using the wind radar map, you can predict the wind direction and check where the gusty wind is. Live wind speed map and wind direction. Our custom spatial maps and Wind GIS Data Layers use proven, state-of-the-art techniques to deliver wind resource data anywhere in the world. "N/A" indicates data not available. Introduction Introduction This document contains information on the initial development of a standardized extreme wind speed database for the United States, including a description of the database, how the relevant wind data are extracted, processed and quality controlled and finally how the data are standardized. See the current wind in the world and windgusts. Move the marker on the wind map and check the forecast for the selected place. Wind today, live map and prediction radar.

Providing near real time weather maps of wind strength and direction across the United States

Please note that we only rank locations with 'Average Wind Speed' data.

Refine Your Ranking. This Wind Obs map represents observed and forecasted surface values at specific locations at selected time intervals. The rank above might not be a complete list.

Arizona Average Wind Speed City Rank.

The map displayed corresponds to CA- long beach local time as stamped in the upper right corner of the map.

Widespread significant wind damage can occur with higher wind speeds.

Pick Your Location: Within a Location See current wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions, as forecast by supercomputers, on an interactive animated map. When winds are sustained at 40-50 mph, isolated wind damage is possible. Shaded (Special Wind Region) areas, mountainous terrain, gorges, and ocean promontories should be examined for unusual wind conditions. Wind forecast for the next days and hours.

Use our ASCE Wind Speeds map to easily obtain the ASCE wind speeds (7-16, 7-10, 7-05) for any location in the contiguous United States, Puerto Rico and Alaska. During strong thunderstorms, straight line wind speeds can exceed 100 mph.

Current weather observations and forecast. To expedite GIS data layer delivery, a 5km resolution global dataset has been derived for wide-scope prospecting across states, countries, and regions.

Updated every three hours.