Dying Light has been full of surprises. Dying Light 2 Release Date. Dying Light has some work to do in order to differentiate itself from fellow open-world zombie game Dead Island 2.

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Posted by 12 hours ago. You might have expected Techland's 2015 zombie parkour romp to have been pushed aside, what with the developer working on Dying Light 2, … I haven't seen a thread about some of the cool new features and abilities that were shown off for dying light 2. The highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit zombie-killing parkour frenzy, Dying Light 2, is still in the works, and Techland Games is keeping quiet about the gameplay, story, and world showcased at E3 last year.

Easter eggs/new features in Dying Light 2 trailers. Dying Light 2.
Anything that anyone noticed in the trailers for Dying Light 2 that's worth taking note of?

It’s a shame, then, that it was released in the shadow of a game that didn’t quite live up to its own hype. Easter eggs/new features in Dying Light 2 trailers. It also features a fantastic melee fighting and crafting system. The first “Dying Light” was marked by the differences in gameplay derived from its day/night cycle. Which is an odd state of affairs, as developer Techland was behind the first game in the series that's now their main rival, before a split with publisher Deep Silver forced them to go back to the drawing board. Close. Which features do you like the most in the game?

Dying Light 2 features a massive map that is really really big and going to provide a feel of a living city. Beyond that, Dying Light is very much its own animal. Here are the new implementations which I noticed in trailers and gamplay sequences: Recovering from heavy enemy blows is now nearly instantaneous (I'm so happy about that one) While we were initially given a Dying Light 2 release date of Spring 2020, Techland has announced that the immensely anticipated sequel is delayed indefinitely. Dying Light 2 release date Delayed. Dying Light 2. Dying Light is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC digitally, the physical boxed release is coming on the 27th February. save hide report. Dying Light and the Dead Island series offer a cooperative multiplayer mode. 1. share. Like Dead Island, Dying Light features a copious number of zombies. The Infected are tamer and less of a threat when the sun is shining on them.