test { useJUnitPlatform{ includeTags 'integration', 'feature-168' excludeTags 'slow' } } Run tests which tagged with integration' and `feature-168. Testing on the JVM is a rich subject matter. 3.1 In Gradle, we can filter the tags like this: build.gradle. Also, I recommend that you read my blog post titled: Getting Started With Gradle: Integration Testing With the TestSets Plugin. When combined with a `--tests` filter, this can cause an erroneous failure message that no tests matched the filter. Actually the pattern for the system property is taskName.single.

We can run test code with Gradle using the test task that is added by the Java plugin. It's probably easiest to set this in a gradle.properties file at the root of your project. It describes how you can add integration tests to your Gradle build by using the Gradle TestSets plugin and remove unnecessary clutter from your build.gradle file.
When this happens, the parent/ancester `TestState` will not include the test count and failure information. All need to be part of the build, whether they are executed frequently or infrequently. gradle someTestTask --debug-jvm . By default all tests found in the project are executed.

Allows filtering tests for execution.

If we want to run a single test we can use the Java system property test.single with the name of the test.

Gradle filtering tests. api / org.gradle.api.tasks.testing / TestFilter TestFilter @Incubating interface TestFilter. In other words, the standard stream output is not filtered if showStandardStreams is enabled but none of the filter flags are configured. There are many different testing libraries and frameworks, as well as many different types of test. A test may be a single atomic test, such as the execution of a test method, or it may be a composite test, made up of zero or more tests. interface TestDescriptor. If showStandardStreams is set to false, the filter flags don't have any effect.. Filter test results. TestDescriptor.

The test process can be started in debug mode (see #getDebug()) in an ad-hoc manner by supplying the `--debug-jvm` switch when invoking the build. All the three filter flags are enabled by default. Sometimes it is useful to hide test results of a certain type. Describes a test.