In this age, Importance of Data Analytics for business has made a huge opportunity for all. Data conversion is also of great importance for the insurance sector. Data conversion process is performed utilizing Optical Character … Smaller file sizes are more manageable and result in faster conversion processing. Cheers! Correct data conversion should ensure the following: Data is converted into an appropriate format that fits the destination database Newly acquired pipeline data; Data Conversion: Is the transformation (or translation) of data from one format to another. Data Conversions are executed as PSD to WordPress, PSD to XHTML, PSD to Joomla and so on. Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion. Tweet. Data processing holds great importance in various sectors like banking, transportation and education etc where the amount of data handled daily is huge. The extraction is based on a specified set of requirements. The program may be designed to create multiple files during the formatting process, with each file only containing data pertinent to a single or related set of Campus Solutions or Contributor Relations destination tables. To excel in their area of expertise, businesses must focus on core areas; however, they must improve their efficiency at some non-core yet important tasks. Companies can make use of different data conversion and document strategies that help ensure that their data is compatible with their systems. With the ever changing insurance industry, carriers are now recognizing the importance of big data. Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format. By Lauren Drell 2013-11-21 20:55:21 UTC. Share. Data is extracted from a source, it is then transformed and loaded to another system. Martyn: I would realy apreciate it if someone could reply before this thursday. Learn what is data analytics and how does big data play a role here. Share. Data cleansing is the process of spotting and rectifying inaccurate or corrupt data from a database. That’s why it’s necessary to verify and validate your data before it is used. The process is mainly used in databases where incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant part of the data are identified and then modified, replaced or deleted. If your data isn’t accurate from the start, your results definitely won’t be accurate either. The conversion can be performed in two ways: Implicit (Automatic) Explicit (User-defined) 2. The process of converting the data type of a value in another data type is known as data type conversion. Martyn Priestnall 11-Jul-08 7:55. In the multi-stage process of data conversion, unorganized data is converted to a more suitable, easy-to-access format.