Keeping in mind that we're often learning from average people with the skills or knowledge we want, I'm extremely happy with the Udemy platform. If you’re not familiar with Udemy, it is a program that allows you to create and sell courses. Over 30 Million students already had taken courses through this platform in early 2020. They often have sales, where we can get courses for $10-$15. This article does not evaluate or assess specific Udemy courses. You’re thinking about buying a course from Udemy but want to know if it’s legit… I mean, it makes sense to Google around to see if you’re gonna get ripped off or not. Compared with academic massive open online courses (MOOCs), which might be powered by regular colleges or universities, Udemy takes advantage of content material coming from online content makers to promote and sell meant for profit.

Is Udemy a scam? Udemy has grown rapidly over a short period of time. Most of the courses I have taken with Udemy are the free ones.

You cannot earn any degrees on the site, and there are no course pathways to really speak of (unless you count a series of related courses by an instructor). I always find courses available for topics I need to train in.

The price ranges from free to $200. Courses are designed to help you learn or enhance a particular skill. Hello, I had an account on where I purchased more than 10 online courses for lifetime access. There is more to it of course, but that’s the general overview.

It has more than 2,500 courses, hundreds of specializations, and even four academic degrees offered.)

Udemy offers  tons  of online courses, both for fun and to develop real-life skills that can further your career. Elearners seek a Udemy review frequently. Udemy is not an accredited institution, nor is it affiliated with such, so that means any certificates you earn may not be applicable in the “real world”. Fake news has been popularized since Trump won the election. Udemy is an online course marketplace, not a learning management system. I got to say there are things I like and dislike about it. Is Udemy legit? Is Udemy Legit? Too Many Courses to Chose Read More » ... Is Udemy a scam? It has an Alexa rank of 231(as per March 2019) with about 90 Million visits per month.

Udemy is a 'YouTube' style online learning provider which brings affordable online courses to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Udemy Fake Reviews. Udemy is undoubtedly an online education platform. A Udemy Review – Is Udemy legit? Today even products and courses are having fake reviews. but is Udemy legit? So I was going to start looking into PLC Certificates and I saw Udemy has a lot of courses in regards to them.