KH2 Against my better judgment and because one of my Internet friends has been kicking ass at the game, I decided to try my hand at KH 2:FM. It's also very important to the story, so I'd rather play through than skip it. You will need to defeat Shadow Roxas, a task that isn't too difficult. New POKEMON, Regi Names & Types Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC! I enjoyed the Roxas opening to KH2, more than I did the "get supplies for the raft" tutorial of KH. Ive never played KH2 on Critical so its been a pretty challenging run so far, but this boss just came out of nowhere and wrecked me. In the normal boss faqs for KH2, you can find ability recommendations and whatnot, but no one ever put any for roxas. KH2. I just beat him after about 10-15 attempts, what an absolute nightmare of a boss. Help on the new boss fight against Roxas? You just need to be fast. Roxas is pretty fast so it is hard. Sure, you can't be killed while using it, but it uses ALL of your MP and leaves you without any way to reflect after, unless you use an item or a Drive to get your MP back, in which case why not just do that to heal? Depending on the number of hits in the combo and if Roxas was first hit with Reflect, he will counter Sora's first combo finisher instead. However, as it is a "Final Mix" extra battle, Square-Enix decided to make it ridiculously difficult. Roxas possess extraordinarily high magic defense, and as such, Sora should not rely on offensive magic other than Reflect in this fight for defensive purposes. Damage is of no concern, i … Leveling won't help a whole lot, really....just tactics. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix . Interestingly, there is no current boss faq, so i'm tearing my hair out here. On your first visit to "The World that Never Was," the Final Mix version of the game adds a boss battle plus nearly 9 minutes of new cutscenes pertaining to Roxas. My fight with Roxas on Critical! [KH2.5] Tips on how to beat Roxas? Practice the fight and learn his patterns and you'll win eventually. I love Roxas and we shouldn't be able to skip the story, but from a gameplay perspective, it's not really... good. Investigate the waterfall and Roxas' doppelganger will come out to fight.

At the least, they could make it less tedious. Cure in KH2 is absolutely not superior. But even if you do succeed in that RC, he will become more difficult since he'll start using lasers everwhere. Major trouble beating Roxas in KH2: FM So I just got to the world that never was at level 47 on proud and I jut can't bet Roxas. What it does lock you out of is getting the nice synthesis materials but, like Thundaka said, you can still make Ribbons and that's what you need. The part where you need to save up munny, for instance, is totally repetitive. Roxas may use his duel attack, and if Sora wins, will start using his spot beam and instant recapture attacks against Sora. I'm using my elixirs, I have every ability that I need equipped but once I get him down to his last health bar I die instantly. Even if Reflect deals damage to Roxas, it will only deal roughly 1/10th worth of damage to one of Roxas's HP bar. Sora can use the Reversal reaction command to avoid damage, but if he fails then Roxas will knock Sora away with his Keyblade.

In my opinion, this should have been included in the original game. In Kingdom Hearts II, you can only fight Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, which is only available in Japan. To get the Reaction Command on time, go to the second choice and wait there then react quickly. If a guy can smash roxas on lvl 1, and win, why can't a lvl 45? [KH2] Roxas fight on Critical mode in KH2.5 is insane. This fight is fun, but ****ing stupid in that any decent leveling spot is behind him.