Climbers from different countries are trying to conquer this mountain peak. Although this mountain has heavy and difficult hiking trails, but the climbers are increasingly challenged to climb this mountain. You will pass through a variety of vegetation and see the beautiful scenery during the hike to the mountain.

Since a fire closed East Javas Mount Raung, here is a list of alternative mountains to hike in the region. The highest peak of Mt Raung, stands at 3,344m above sea level, it offers the most challenging trail as compared to other mountains in Java. Mount Raung is one of the most active volcanoes on the island of Java, Indonesia. Being 3,332 metres above sea level, the weather conditions can be hard to predict as well as given the hot and humid weather in Indonesia, the mountains can still be pretty chilly during the night. Mt.

During summit attack, climber will need to …

Some deemed the hike to Mount Raung’s peak as one of the most challenging hikes in East Java as it is a combination of the rainforest, rocky terrains and and also deadly cliffs all in one.

The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips. Located in the province of East Java, the mountain has 2-kilometer-wide and 300 m -deep caldera surrounded by a grayish rim.

Mount Raung has very beautiful hiking trails.

Raung is a part of Ijen mountains, the most eastern mountains in Java island, these mountains extend in the area of 4 regencies of East Java, they are Bondowoso, Jember, Situbondo, and Banyuwangi.


Mount Raung is a 20.6 mile out and back trail located near Jember, East Java, Indonesia that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult.